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Billcon N-131 Money Counter > Note Counter

Billcon Money Counters | Note Counters
Billcon N-Series Money Counters | Note Counters
Billcon N-131 Details
This product useful for:
Churches, C-Stores, Gas Stations, Restaurants & Other retail businesses
Price: $995 + shipping
Service Contract available for this product? Yes

Money Counters can save you time & money. Money Counters are generally broken into general categories: Counters and Discrminators. Counters count the number of bills in a stack, regardless of their denomination. Discriminators are capable of discriminating between different denominations of bills. The Billcon N-Series machines are money counters, and are sometimes referred to as note counters. The Billcon N-131 offers all the features of the Billcon N-120 with additional Magnetic counterfeit detection.

Billcon N-131 Note Counter Features

Magnetic sensing technology for counterfeit detection.
Counts up to 1,500 notes-per-minute.
Capable of counting currency from anywhere in the world, provided it's between 55 and 97mm in length and between 110 and 192mm in width.
Extremely quiet operation is suitable for any office environment.
Billcon's reliable feeding mechanism can smoothly count notes in any condition
Normal count mode counts # of bills in a stack
Add mode performs an accumulation of total # of notes counted
Repeat mode continually counts the same designated batch number of notes
Batch mode stops counting after a batch has been completed so batch settings can be reset
External piece display available as an add on
Easy to use / Easy to Read front panel
BCC maintenance service contract available (details)

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